Thursday, April 1, 2010

Missing Grandpa

Sometimes there's little things in life that trigger a past experience or a passing thought about someone. As Eli was showering the other night, Miguel heard him crying. He went in there to see what was going on. Come to find out, he was missing Grandpa. I went in there to talk to him and see why he was so sad. We had a good talk about missing Grandpa (my Dad) and all the things we used to do with him. It's sad to say that my Dad was the only Grandpa in my kids' lives and Eli was the only one that got to spend a substantial amount of time with him to make any kind of memories. I hugged and held Eli and before I knew it, he was ok! Even though he's almost 10, he's still just a sweet and innocent child. Sometimes I forget he's still so young but it's times like this that remind me he is. I wish my children had a Grandpa to make memories with and spend time with, but they don't, so my goal is to make sure to enjoy every moment I have with them. It's hard at times when I'm tired and they're tired, but that's ok. We never know how long God allows us to stay here, and how long we'll have with each other. Make memories now, not later, because you never know if later will come!

Miss you Dad! (and Buddy!)


Kinsey Pistorius said...

that's very touching. We miss Buddy and Grandpa too. It's good to have the memories.