Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to School, Back to School....

So the season of early rising, alarm clocks bleeping, sleepy eyes being rubbed, new clothes being worn, backpacks all over, homework, reading time, teeth and hair brushing, rushing out the door, teasing, waking up non morning people.... Oh, your morning is sweetness and goes smoothly? Mine is rushing around making lunches, making sure kids are doing what they need to do to get to school on time. Afterall, since I'm such a mean mom, I told my kids I will not sign them in if they are tardy--we live right behind the school!

Besides all the necessary things, the kids are loving school. Eli is in 5th grade and loving that they switch between three teachers through out the day; he's learning all kinds of great things.

Livi is really enjoying 1st grade. She's reading really well and likes her teacher. She's doing a great job writing neatly and doing well in mathematics (thanks to Eli helping her after school)!

Ethan is at a pre-k program/mother's day out and he's loving it. There's some kids in his class that he knows from previous classes or church. I love to pick him up from school and see him all sweaty!

Miguel is more than half way into his volleyball season and still enjoying it after all these years!

I'm working odd jobs here and there, just something to keep my attention! I run my own fitness class a couple times in the early morning, do some editing/proofing, water aerobics instructor at the local gym, substitute at Ethan's school and volunteer at Livi and Eli's school. Between all of those and being a mom, I'm pretty busy.

We added another to our family this past summer, Shiloh. She's a chocolate lab mutt and has been great (for the most part). She's about a year old and is potty trained, crate trained and Ethan trained (he has no fear of her)!

That's about it for us here! We're back into our schedule and the kids are growing up so fast!