Saturday, October 2, 2010

Getting Older!

School is back in session and things are back on schedule! Eli has started the 5th grade (I know, I can't believe it either)!

Livi started first grade and Ethan is in Pre-k.

Can't believe how time flies and the kids grow so fast! I feel like it was yesterday, wishing my kids would grow up, at least be a little independent, and now it's already here!

For all those moms out there that have little ones (you know, where your goal for the day is to shower or not feel so tired all the time) enjoy your time with your kids! They grow up so quickly! Although they aren't so little anymore, I'm really enjoying their ages! All the kids are at such a great age where we can do family things together and it doesn't have to revolve around nap time or who needs to eat! We go on family bike rides and have adventures that can last the whole day! I'm so grateful for my wonderful family! I am truly blessed!