Friday, August 19, 2011

The Best Week Ever (2011)

So every year before school we have 'The Best Week Ever'. This started when I was watching Spongebob with the kids a few years back and he sings this really annoying song "It's the best day ever....." Anyways, long story short I got the idea from the cartoon for the song. Every day we do something fun that the kids decide they want to do. I got sick of doing fun things in June and then they never remember it when they go back to school and have to write about it! So, if we do fun things the week before school starts, then they'll remember it.....and that's how 'The Best Week Ever' got started. So this is our third year to do it and it was a fun filled week!
Day One started out at The Jumpy Place. One of those places where the kids can jump for hours and hours! I loved it because the kids get all sweaty and they have a blast! I convinced them after 3.5 hours that it was time to leave (sorry, no photos, I forgot my camera in the car)!
Day Two was a fun filled day at Austin Park and Pizza.
We definitely got our money's worth that day between eating lunch, riding go-carts,
teacups, bumper boats, snack, more go-carts,
laser tag, bumper boats and then dinner. Throw in some rock climbing...
...and some arcades in between all that and we had 6.5 hours of pure fun! Livi tried really hard on the rock wall but her wall was pretty difficult. Ethan, seeing as he's part monkey, scaled the wall quickly to the top where he hit the bell (that didn't ring), came back down and was almost to the top again when the guy told him to come down. Eli was too busy shooting people on an arcade while the littler kids were rock climbing! To say the least, they had a blast!
Day Three was supposed to be roller skating but that got bumped since it wasn't open on Wednesday. Instead, we went to see The Smurfs. The kids loved it! We did the whole movie experience. We got some candy, popcorn, and soda and the kids ate (I helped of course) almost every bit of it! All I can say is, wow, movies have sure gotten expensive! The kids liked the movie; I thought it was a little long but that's not what counts!
Day Four was fun in more ways than one! We registered Eli for middle school, yes, middle school. I told him about how I still have friends from middle school (yes, I'm old and I tell stories about 'when I was a kid...'). We walked his schedule going back and forth from one side of the school to the other. I then timed it while he walked his schedule twice, to make sure he knew where he was going! He is super ready and excited. He gets to ride the bus and he's excited for that too! I don't really worry about him since he seems pretty confident and ready to go to junior high! After registration we all went roller skating. If you haven't been since junior high, you need to go; it's pretty darn fun! This day was fun minus the sauna in the roller rink. It was 94 degrees inside where you skate and almost made you want to pass out. The kids noticed the heat a little but not much. Ethan brought his own roller blades from home and was skating around on those while Eli, Livi and I rented skates.
For those of you who haven't seen a 5 year old roller blade, namely Ethan, picture chaos on skates. You think he's going to fall and lose control and eat it but somehow he stays up and rarely falls. It's a pretty funny picture. Since we've skated a few times in the past couple of months, the boys are getting more daring. Eli was going around corners on one skate, so Ethan thought he would try it, along with jumping while skating.
Usually two hours is more than enough time to skate but with the rink being a sauna we left just shy of two hours. After skating we go to a place across the street that has frozen custard--it's super yummy! Then we headed home so we could walk over to Livi and Ethan's meet the teacher night. Livi has Mrs. Elkins for 2nd grade and Ethan has Mrs. Sandoval for Kinder. They both seem really nice and the kids are super excited for school. Actually, I think mom is more excited than them. It truly is a bittersweet situation. Now that all of my kids are in school, it's going to be pretty weird not having them around, at least one of them! Now is the time I have to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I've applied for several jobs and haven't been successful so I think my plan is to sub in the schools and work on my alternative teaching certification and eventually be a teacher. It's a good mom job!
Day Five was scheduled to be a movie day since the kids wanted to see 'Spy Kids' and it didn't come out until Friday. We got to the show 30 minutes early since I figured it'd be packed on the first showing of the first day it came out. Turns out I was wrong and most people got there 10 minutes before it started. Oh well, we were able to pick where we wanted to sit! The kids loved the movie and thought it was super funny since it had all the great poop and vomitting jokes in it. If I were you, I'd wait until it came out for $1 rental!
Here's to another school year! It'll be over and I'll be writing about our next 'Best Week Ever' before I know it!


Mia said...

I love your best week ever idea. We totally tried it this year and it was fun to go out with a bang.