Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 1-Learning Curve

So, the day started out good (woke up pretty sore from body pump the night before) and ended well with a not so great middle.  Had a Greek yogurt for breakfast. Kids wanted to go to Double Dave's for lunch, so I caved (being the first day of summer and all)! I ate a couple slices more than I should but did have a side salad and only half a glass of soda. Even though I ate too much for lunch, I didn't let that give me the excuse to ruin my whole day! That is an improvement for me! After lunch, we walked next door to JoAnn's fabric. Livi has been dying to see their duck tape. Supposedly it's the rarest! After yelling at both the boys for laying in the bin of stuffing, we all left with a new crossword puzzle book (livi got a little wooden owl to color). We came home and all laid in my bed and worked on our puzzles, while Livi colored her owl. After my nap, decided I needed to burn off my lunch so I went and did a Zumba class with my friend from school, Nettie. It was in a warehouse that had a little air conditioning, no insulation, and about 30 women crammed in a 20x15 foot room. Needless to say I was dripping in sweat! From that class I went home and made grilled cheese and ham for Ethan and Livi then off to pick up Eli from a friend's house. Dropped him off (ate the leftover crusts from one of the kids sandwich) then to a yoga class. Was a great class and reminded me I really enjoy yoga (except when I was doing a twisting move and my love handle was all in the way). I came home, put the kids in bed and then off for a 'therapy walk' with my friend Deidra. We walked a couple of miles but it was a pleasant night so that was great! Now to watch the Spurs play the Heat in the first game of the finals.
Tomorrow will bring new challenges and more opportunities to make good food decisions. Miguel and I are going out tomorrow night and got a hotel in downtown Austin. We had our 13 year wedding Anniversary on Monday so this is our celebration! Can't wait to hang out and be with my spouse!


Ash said...

Hi friend! I love reading that other moms cheat...but dang girl you work out a LOT!!