Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Changing in so many ways!

So I've totally slacked on the whole blog thing. I'm back and now I'm going to try and update in one post and then continue on. So 2012 came and went and now we're on to 2013 (mid year). Things have changed a lot! Ethan started school, and Eli's in Junior High. 
This was a picture from the first day of school! They've grown so much since then! Eli is almost as tall as me, his hands are officially bigger than mine and he wears the same size shoe as Miguel. Livi is also getting taller and cuter. Ethan is grower taller and only a size or two behind Livi in shoes.

Along with our kids all in school, now our whole family is. That's right, we all go to school everyday except Miguel and I both work in school. I started last October as a math teacher in the High School. I teach Algebra I and Geometry. I get to work with teenage boys everyday (I think it's preparing me for how I don't want my children to become). I made it through my last day of school and only have a work day tomorrow! This summer was much needed!!!! I didn't know how I was going to make it to Thanksgiving break and when it was done, I was ok to work again. Christmas came just in time before a melt down I thought I was going to have. Spring Break was a breath of fresh air and this last month and a half of school was sooo long. Anyone that gives a state assessment exam can empathize with me! I did get to go to prom with my husband, again. Well, this time I was a chaperon as opposed to the first time I was a student!

I have met some great teachers and made some good friends! I'm still trying to get into this whole working thing full time and finding out it pretty much sucks. Oh well, have to make the best of the situation! I've entered a new phase in my life and know it's going to take some time to get used to it. I'm growing up! Isn't this what every parent looks forward to---or spouse? I'm still learning how to juggle being mom, working full time (and then some), wife, cook, taxi, referee, and all the other things that I do. I'm learning that you can't plan enough for everything and that is the key to success---planning.

That brings me to my next point, planning on succeeding. So with all this new life changing experiences comes...get ready for's exciting....ok, maybe not that guessed it.......weight gain. Sorry, I know that was anticlimactic but it was fun! So I'm back up to my heaviest weight and not happy with it. I put on at least 10 lbs. working and need to get rid of it. I've had some come to Jesus moments and finally admitted that my husband eats better than I do, even with all my fresh juices, protein shakes and homemade alternative uses with greek yogurt and applesauce! So, I'm turning over a new leaf. I'm not getting any younger....

neither is my sister for that matter (she just turned 40)! This is a picture of us on her birthday--I flew up and surprised her! I took her shopping all day while my mom and her husband got everything ready for her surprise party! That's besides the point. The point is, I'm done. I'm done with feeling bad about myself. I'm done with eating crap and then feeling crappy. I'm done with all of it. It's time to focus on me and feeling better. I feel good when I eat good. When I eat good, I workout more and it's a good thing. This summer I'm going to learn to cook some new foods (and hopefully teach my 13 yr. old son to cook too) and eat clean. I lost weight before when I ate clean and worked out. I know I can do it, i just have to DO IT! Nike was smart when they came up with that logo! So after eating Sonic today and feeling crappy (took a nap too--could be a side effect of school finishing today) I got my lazy arse up and went and did a body pump class that should make my legs pretty sore.

When I came home, I had 3/4 of a chicken breast and a small banana. I know the banana wasn't the best thing to eat at night (it was like 8:30) but it's a start in a new direction. I have no one to blame but me for where I've come. It's time to stop blaming and start doing!!! So....join me  on my journey. I am going to blog everyday about my successes and failures and all that goes on! Happy Summer!